Phoenix Martin


Age: 26. Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas. Occupation: Artist. Currently resides: Chelsea, New York City. Career goal: To find a job that consists of drawing and writing anything and everything in my own font. Not using the computer, just doing everything by hand. I’m not quite sure what that job’s called. Background: My best friends growing up lived on a commune, and I went to the school on it. I spent most of my time drawing and doing those D’Nealian Handwriting workbooks. Then when I was 10 I got really into punk music. Favorite color: Everything in my apartment is white. I’m still in the process of painting all of my books white. Anything that’s either not painted white or didn’t come white goes in the closet. Childhood hero: I was unnaturally attached to Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future [1985]. I always had pictures of him. Always. His hair was so messed up, and that red vest! And I loved so much the way that he would put his hands in his pockets. Favorite fictional character: Christopher Robin [from Winnie-the-Pooh] seems to have a sort of wisdom to him for being such a little guy. I love the way he always has his head hanging down. Dream date: Paul Newman, particularly during the 1960s Cool Hand Luke era.