Outtakes From Our Lana Del Rey Cover Shoot, For Her Birthday

Lana Del Rey polaroids.


It’s been months since we first dropped our Nadia Lee Cohen-lensed Lana Del Rey cover but for Lanita stans, the honeymoon isn’t over just yet. To celebrate the star’s 38th birthday, we’re publishing a collection of never-before-seen polaroids taken on the set of Del Rey’s March 2023 shoot, along with some iconic quotes from her conversation with Billie Eilish, which you can revisit here.


Lana Del Rey polaroids.


“I don’t write well when I’m not happy, which is funny because there is a blue tone to [my] songs.”



Lana Del Rey polaroids.


“For me, it’s about separating the wheat from the shaft. Tapping in with good people and letting that be your North Star.”



Lana Del Rey polaroids.


“I’m not just watching someone else live their life, I’m living my life.”




Lana Del Rey polaroids.

“I didn’t [use to] think anything could ever get elevated to the point where, for instance, Interview magazine would say, ‘You’re on the cover.'”




“I didn’t move to New York until I was 18, and that was when I first heard anything other than Eminem, country, and NPR. All of a sudden, I got a fucking crash course in music.”




“If anyone ever wants to learn how to get through a storm and know that all things pass, I can teach that class.”


Hair: Evanie Frausto using Bumble and Bumble at Streeters

Makeup: Etienne Ortega using Givenchy Beauty at The Only Agency

Manicure: Yoko Sakakura using Opi at A-Frame Agency

Set Design: Brittany Porter

Production Direction: Alexandra Weiss and Paige Viti

Production: Carlota Ruiz De Velasco, Malcolm Duncan, And Fabien Colas

Creative Direction Consultant: Jack Vhay

Models: Alana Champion at Img NY, Dallas Sessoms at Next L.A. Men, Charlie Hill-Grant, Max Oppenheim, and Speedy

Casting:  Calvin Wilson at Establishment Casting

Styling (On Models): Alia Penner

Prop Production: Mara Weinstein

Tailor: M’lynn Hass

Photography Assistants: David Lopez and Andrew Goeser

Fashion Assistants: Charlie Burke, Hayley Francise, and Auguste Wong

Hair Assistants: Marin Mullen, Desi Houghton, Sophia Flores, and Lydia Ouelette

Makeup Assistants: Freddy Castro and Yvette Evora

Prop Production Assistants:

Vehicles: Anthony Chiusano Buhay, Elliot Ashton, Kirsten Johnsen, Hwy, and Era Pictures Cars

Special Thanks: Palace Costume and Outlaw Archive