Lipstick Expressionism

This spring, New York’s Neue Galerie is presenting the first American exhibition specifically focused on the career of Otto Dix. The show will include the German Expressionist’s best-known works from the “golden Weimar years,” along with later pieces produced in protest of the Third Reich and earlier paintings from the 20s. One of these early paintings, 1925’s “Portrait of the Dancer Anita Berber” (above), features the titular figure, a redhead, clad in a long red dress, with a background to match. Though her body is almost entirely covered, she exudes sensuality  in her stance, her gaze, and, of course, the fiery hue of her bright lipstick. Drawing from the intense passion evoked by Dix’s use of red lips in Anita Berber–and other works like “Reclining Woman on Leopard Skin” (1927)–the Neue Galerie Design shop, in collaboration Estée Lauder, will unveil two limited edition beauty products in conjunction with the exhibit. The first is a crimson shade of lipstick, dubbed Berlin Red ($35), which comes in a gold bullet-shaped case. The second is a Bauhaus-style mirror compact ($55) striped in black, gold, and red. An excellent way to add a little glamour to a day at the museum.

“Otto Dix” opens March 11 at the Neue Galerie in New York.