Madonna’s Model Student

As a woman who lives life au naturel, Carla Bruni agreed to be filmed for her forthcoming documentary, Somebody Told Me About…, without any restrictions. The 80-minute film, directed by George Scott, follows the first French family into the presidential Elysee Palace. In a moment not very a la francaise, Bruni remarks on the whiff of cigarettes as French President Nicolas Sarkozy, her huband, kisses her neck. The film premieres in France on January 1.



Forthcoming comicbook film The Watchmen, whose tagline promises, “Justice is coming to us all. No matter what we do,” might be hoping to re-think its mantra. In a longstanding dispute with the film’s studio, Warner Bros, futuristic-sounding super-studio 20th Century Fox has claimed ownership of the rights to the original grphic novel by Alan Moore. Over the holiday, a judge ruled for Fox, although the bought the rights in the 1980s and dropped the project over a decade ago. The Watchmen, directed by Zack Snyder, is reported to have a budget of more than $120 million. Warner Bros has stated that it is ready to go to trial or to appeal, while Fox is using its super hero tactic—an injunction against the film’s March 6, 2009, release.



Madonna’s 58-concert “Sticky & Sweet” tour of North America concluded in Brazil (not North America, but close), and was the highest-grossing concert series of 2008, making $105.3 million. She reportedly celebrated by getting a Brazilian, and though the source is dubious, the man in question, Jesus Luz, a model from Madonna’s W shoot and erotic film star, is already taking pages from the singer’s book. Rumors that he has been whisked to London have his runway premium soaring.