On Hydrangeas, Madonna Gets the Last Word


After much tribulation, Madonna has personally responded to the recent hydrangea-gate incident at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Madge, who was overheard saying she “loathed” hydrangeas after receiving a bouquet from a fan, refused to apologize for her comment earlier this week. In a move befitting the scandal’s blogosphere arena, the singer-turned-actress-turned director took to YouTube to truly put the matter to rest. The black-and-white short, with its looming Godfather-esque soundtrack and D.W. Griffith-style title cards, is titled “Madonna’s love letter to hydrangeas,” and for about a minute, it seems benign.

But Madonna, of course, is not one to be bullied—so watch ’til the end of the 46-second flick, when she ends up taking literal and figurative jabs at the flower-fiasco as a whole.