Lindsay Lohan’s Guide to Getting Filthy Rich on NFTs

All Clothing and Accessories (worn throughout) by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

NFTs. By now, you’ve come across the bewildering, intriguing, and revolutionary acronym that has gripped the art world ever since Mike Winkelmann, a little-known digital artist who goes by the name of Beeple, sold a JPG of his work at a Christie’s auction for a head-exploding $69.3 million. The sale kicked off a frenzy in what have become known as non-fungible tokens, a way for creators, using blockchain technology, to ensure that their digital works remain one-of-a-kind collector’s items. The craze has also caught the attention of celebrities, who use their profiles to mint their own NFTs and sell them to the highest bidder. One of those stars is Lindsay Lohan, the actor, singer, and entrepreneur who sold her latest single, “Lullaby,” for $85,000. Here, she tells us how she did it and why the “fetch” of finance might actually be here to stay. 


Step 1: Choose your NFT. I believe that what makes a great NFT is creating something that tells a story through a new medium. By using technology, I can now elevate my life stories and tell them in ways that are more authentic to me. 

Step 2: Mint your NFT. Currently, I’m working with the right platforms to mint my works so that I can focus on creating my NFTs. Maybe in the future I might mint my own, but for now I’m happy doing it this way. Ideally, you can search a marketplace such as Rarible, which allows creators to have open access to launch their piece of art. 

Step 3: Download Metamask. You’ll need a Metamask wallet with $100 worth of ETH and your art in the format of a JPEG, a GIF, or an MP4. A metamask is a more secure way to hold your NFTs and your coins or tokens. But you’ll also have extra security with an extra USB drive. 

Step 4: Create your profile. Simply go to Rarible.com and connect your Metamask Wallet and follow the steps on the website to create your profile. Click on “Create,” and follow the steps to upload your art as an NFT. 

Step 5: Approve the transaction using your Metamask, and within minutes your NFT will be ready for the world to explore and buy. 

Step 6: Make some money. There are various ways to do it, but the best way to get discovered is to build a community from day one involving your creative persona. Give people something more than just an NFT. Access to a stronger creator-and-buyer relationship is key. 

Step 7: Build a community. Once you have one, you will have selling power, and then you can use what you make to empower other smaller artists, thereby keeping the cycle going. Got it? Good luck.




Hair: Yazan Almasaeed

Makeup: Hindash

Photography Assistants: Chantal Brocca and Talal Kahl