Lindsanity: Lindsay Lohan Hosts SNL

As you’ve probably heard, Lindsay Lohan is hosting SNL for the fourth time this weekend. If you didn’t already know, now you do(!) and you can even watch the new promo posted above. In it, Lindsay jokes about her tumultuous personal life . . . sort of. Lindsay and Kenan Thompson giggle about Lindsay’s permanent tabloid presence, and Kenan makes a “Lin(d)sanity” reference—formerly one of Lindsay’s many unflattering nicknames on Perez Hilton, now neutralized by its association with basketball wonder, Jeremy Lin. Of course, it’s all very innocuous; jests such as Lindsey’s “I never left the SNL building,” are not followed up with “because I’m on parole” or “it would set off my ankle monitor”* (although that may be what first comes to mind given Lindsay’s recent troubles).  But then, such is always the case with such public “comeback” hosting gigs; the premise might be one of self-mockery and good humor,  but it is carefully censored, leaving an elephant in the room—which is why Russell Brand and Britney Spears’ promo spot for the MTV VMA awards in 2008, in which there literally was a giant live elephant in the room, will remains the best comeback promo to this day.

*No disrespect meant to Lindsay—we really do hope that she’s back on the straight and narrow, turning over a new court appearance-free career leaf. Mean Girls was a very formative film for us.