Ketel One Issues a Call to the Modern Gentleman

What makes the modern gentleman? Offering up your seat on the subway? A dinner jacket and cufflinks? Having a valet à la Bertie Wooster? Perhaps it goes beyond aesthetics and chivalry—our friends at Ketel One certainly seem to think so. The Dutch vodka brand is issuing a call to action to men across the world to present them with an idea that “champions the modern gentleman.” To helm their search, Ketel has partnered with exemplary 21st century men—actor, philanthropist (Somerhalder has his own charity, The IS Foundation, dedicated to protecting the environment), and generally attractive man Ian Somerhalder; the co-founder of the Movember Foundation, Adam Garone; and actor Carols Pounce. The company will invest 100,000 dollars to turn the best idea submitted into a reality. The closing date for entries is July 29,  just a few days away! You can read more about the initiative here.