Baby Chanco Wants To Bring Hair Peace To The World

Some babies have a full head of hair, some little to none. But how many have full, luscious Jackie O-style locks? At least one, apparently. Baby Chanco, a 1 year old from Japan is the new, cherubic face of Pantene (and perhaps, the newest clout baby). Having already gone viral due to her envy-inspiring head of hair (and the creative direction of her mother, Mami Kano), Chanco’s silky, dark brown hair is a restorative presence on the internet, whether it’s splayed out in her crib, side-swept in her carseat, or morphed into a giant bow, a la Gaga. For her first Pantene ad, a smiley Chanco lays alongside Sato Kondo, a Japanese television announcer with sleek gray hair. An accompanying video, titled “The Hairy Tale,” shows Chanco “narrating” her rise to fame, saying, “Even when I was in my mommy’s tummy, I had lots of hair growing. Sway, sway, swaying … just like seaweed under the ocean.” She adds that despite her few online haters, who have criticized her for not looking like a normal baby, she has learned to love what makes her different. “There are so many wonderful things happening around me,” Chanco says. “And if everyone can learn to love their differences, this world may become a much nicer place.” Hair Peace is ours, it seems, if we want it.