Getting Deep With Girthmasterr, the Biggest Star on OnlyFans


Girthmasterr is for the girls. Or as he puts it, “Girls love girth.” If you haven’t heard of Girthmasterr, you might want to google him in privacy. Starting out as an anonymous subreddit dick pic poster, Girthmasterr eventually decided to show his face and within a year scaled the ranks to the top 1% of OnlyFans creators. Now he can’t leave the house without being recognized. And while the viral adult star likes to say that his recent infamy is the result of sheer luck, including the gift of being physically well-endowed, it’s clear that Girthmasterr knows exactly what he’s doing. And as blessed as he may be, Girthmasterr’s recent virality is also a sign of the times—a persona only possible in the age of OnlyFans and the economy of online influence. We spoke about the ins and outs of being an online exhibitionist, gray sweatpants, getting stopped on the streets of West Hollywood, and what it’s like to be the ultimate everyman of porn. 


ESRA SORAYA PADGETT: Okay, so my first question is, how big are you?


PADGETT: [Laughs] It’s hard to tell on video.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah, I know. So it’s eight inches long and seven inches around.

PADGETT: Wow. And is Girthmasterr two words? Is Girth your first name?

GIRTHMASTERR: No. It’s one word with an extra R at the end. It’s more like a Call of Duty username than a typical porn name.

PADGETT: It’s very internet-y. It’s also giving comic book superhero.

GIRTHMASTERR: I have some merch coming out soon and it’s like an old movie poster with Girthmasterr at the top, and a dick’s casting a shadow over a city, and people are running away.

PADGETT: That’s really good. So if Girthmasterr is a superhero, what is your origin story?

GIRTHMASTERR: Oh my god. I’d have to fall into a vat of something.

PADGETT: But also, I mean your actual origin story. How did this all happen?

GIRTHMASTERR: I guess it first started on Tumblr. I posted a half-naked selfie, and that initial bite of attention got me going. And then it’s like a feedback loop: post a picture, get attention, and then you want to post more pictures to get more attention. And then that progressed in different parts of the internet, eventually, like Reddit and Twitter. That’s how I got to where I am today, just every now and then creating a new account to share pictures of myself anonymously with the internet.

PADGETT: It’s kind of mythical, the notion of being endowed physically with a gift. Those kinds of gifts often come with a responsibility to share with the world.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah, absolutely. I can’t keep it to myself. I feel like in a past life, I must’ve been somebody really good to be reincarnated so lucky. Everything I’ve got, I didn’t do anything to achieve. I was born 6’6″, with a giant dick. It’s not like I learned to play piano or learned a new language or studied something. So with that, I can’t be too arrogant about anything I’ve got either. I’ve got the responsibility to keep my head on straight and, I don’t know, do as much good as I can with it. 

PADGETT: It’s like a calling. I remembered this story about John Holmes, who is the real porn star who Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights is based on. There’s a quote from his first wife (from the book The Other Hollywood) and I wanted to read it to you. It says, “I came home from work one evening and found John measuring himself in the bathroom. I thought this was a little strange, but okay. So I started dinner and John came in and said, ‘I think I’ve found what I want to do,’ that’s when he said, ‘I want to do porno.’ I said, ‘Movies?’ He said, ‘Wherever it will take me.'”

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah, wherever it will take me is a good way to look at it. I started this as a hobby in the shadows, posting pictures online, and then someone told me to start an OnlyFans. So I did, and I never expected it to get to where it is now. Every time I’ve achieved something, I feel like I’m at the peak and then something else comes along and I just keep following it wherever it takes me.

PADGETT: But there’s also an art to going viral that it seems like you’ve mastered, even though you’re being kind of humble about it.

GIRTHMASTERR: Well, there’s definitely a big element of luck to it, but yeah, it’s not always easy finding that line between still being my authentic self and staying professional and understanding that it is work, then also playing with the algorithms, hoping your accounts don’t get deleted, finding the line and knowing how to tow it.

PADGETT: You’ve had SFW and NSFW success in going viral, which is really unique. On Pornhub, you’re going insanely viral two months ago, but then you’re also on TikTok doing TikTok things.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah, I just yap on TikTok and go viral. I can get a million views just talking to the camera. With my clothes on, nonetheless. It’s insane.

PADGETT: Which of the two do you put more thought into?

GIRTHMASTERR: I think more about the NSFW content. That’s what I’m creating, that’s what I’m most proud of, and that’s what I want to represent me. If somebody in public recognizes me and they say they know me from TikTok, I cringe internally. 

PADGETT: Yeah. I want to talk about gray sweatpants. I think you’ve had some viral gray sweatpants moments.

GIRTHMASTERR: A few times, yeah.

PADGETT: Can you explain?

GIRTHMASTERR: I definitely crossed the line of the community guidelines for my sweatpants. The first time it happened, I was in Scotland in a tiny Airbnb and I was wearing gray sweatpants, very much showing, and because the Airbnb was so tiny, I looked about eight feet tall with just it showing in the pants in this tiny cramped kitchen, and every video I posted was getting 3, 4, 5 million views, and I did that for about a month until the account got deleted, so I had to clean up my act.

PADGETT: Can you explain what it is about gray sweatpants that make it like, the sexiest thing ever?

GIRTHMASTERR: They’re just a slutty item of clothing. It’s like the male equivalent of a miniskirt. They don’t leave much to the imagination. If there’s a bulge, it really stands out in gray sweatpants. And it’s a choice you make, because I’m not going to wear gray sweatpants around my family. There is something there.

PADGETT: It’s kind of a stealth slutty item.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah. I know what I’m doing.

PADGETT: As we’re talking, it’s dawned on me that you are kind of an exhibitionist.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah, definitely.

PADGETT: Did you figure that out just through posting online?Girthmasterr

GIRTHMASTERR: That’s for sure. You get an emotional response to how you’re perceived online when you post a picture to Reddit. If it goes viral, it hits the front page of that subreddit. It’s a rush. At the same time if it flops, for a while at least, I used to feel pretty shitty. The value was tied to that, so the enjoyment was out of that rush of going viral. Now it’s just more fun doing it regardless. I don’t really care if it goes viral or not.

PADGETT: Is it only online that you’re an exhibitionist?

GIRTHMASTERR: I haven’t really dabbled too much in person. I’ve done a little bit and it’s fun, but I guess so far I’ve been too antisocial. I’ve got plans soon, a girl that I’m sleeping with, we’ve been talking about going to one of those porn theaters and hooking up in front of a crowd there, which would be fun. Were you ever on Tumblr or any of those type of websites?

PADGETT: Mm-hmm.

GIRTHMASTERR: You know those porn gifs that are just the iconic, seconds-long clips of something great that people just keep resharing? I love making those type of things when I’m making porn. It’s the perfect framing, angle, lighting, everything like that. That’s a motivation for me as well, trying to make those classic little clips. 

PADGETT: Yeah, that’s cool. Interview is an interesting context for talking about going viral, because it was started by Andy Warhol, and he kind of predicted virality in a way, the “15 minutes” and all that. I’m just wondering, you said that you’re sort of concerned about this lasting.

GIRTHMASTERR: I guess I’m always expecting the fall-off to happen every time I’ve reached a milestone. I think, “This could be it.” So far, it has continued rising, but I look at adult actors as athletes. We have a prime, and some people might be in that prime for 10, 15 years. Others might have one year and then fall off. So you just roll with it, enjoy the good times, plan for the future, try not to be stupid withmoney. If it was to fall off today and my career stopped, I’ve had a great time doing it. No regrets. 

PADGETT: Totally. So, you were just in the U.S. and went to the Pornhub Awards. I see you have an award in the background there. And now you’re back in Australia. Does it feel like you returned home famous?

GIRTHMASTERR: I get recognized most times I leave the house nowadays. People are generally respectful, and because I do porn, no one’s going to shout “Girthmasterr” in the street when they’re sober. If I go out, nightlife is a different story. People come up to me all the time when they’re drunk. But yeah, I just have to assume that at least one person’s going to recognize me every time I leave the house, which is fine. People are nice. They just usually give me a little head nod or something. But it also happened in West Hollywood. A lot of people. Someone stopped their car in traffic to shout my name.

PADGETT: Porn fame is particular is a kind of notoriety that is different than mainstream fame. Some people want to be notorious and not famous. Is that part of the appeal for you?

GIRTHMASTERR: In my perfect world, no one would recognize me anywhere. But I stand out as well. I’m 6’6″, so I can’t hide in a crowd ever. I’m not complaining about it, and if the price of being famous means I don’t have to work a day job, then great. I’ll take that any day.

PADGETT: Well, it might be the price of exhibitionism.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah, I guess you can’t be an exhibitionist without showing off.

PADGETT: Do you have interest to be more in the studio-world of porn as opposed to OnlyFans?

GIRTHMASTERR: I’ll one day do some studio work. I’ve worked with a lot of people that do studio work, and they seem to speak pretty highly of it, especially the good studios. It’s definitely on the cards.

PADGETT: Yeah. I was thinking about the comparison to John Holmes or whatever, and I’m wondering if you see yourself as kind of different than that model?

GIRTHMASTERR: Definitely. Partly thanks to Boogie Nights, we can learn from his mistakes. I watched that as a documentary. Elvis being the first rock star, there was no one before him to teach him, “Don’t get the drug habit, don’t make the mistakes.” The big difference is in the business model. I own all the content I’ve ever made, and I collect residuals off of it. I think through OnlyFans and the other platforms you can sell on we have the potential to make more money than ever before in the industry. The means of content creation and distribution are in the hands of the creators for the first time ever, really. I have a lot more bargaining power, because I don’t need to work my way up through small companies for tiny amounts of money. I’ve already proved myself making my own content.

PADGETT: Totally. You are often described as being really kind, nice, and sweet, and it comes off as pretty authentic. It’s funny because Girthmasterr is still a character, but you’re read authentically as, “He’s such a nice person.” That feels very different to me than not just John Holmes, but your stereotypical male porn star in general.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yeah. Putting my personality out there was one of the better things I did for longevity. I find it especially important for my female audience. They really appreciate that they can connect with a person and understand who I am and where I’m coming from.

PADGETT: I feel like as a cultural sensation, this is part of what makes you unique, because I’ve seen in bringing your name up, girls will giggle or blush. And that often happens in the reverse situation, where there’s a female porn star named in a conversation and the men are like, “I know her, but I don’t want to say anything,” and I’ve literally never, ever seen that happen with a male porn star ever.

GIRTHMASTERR: Now you’re making me blush. It is so surreal because I’ve never seen myself as—I don’t even know how to say it—a sexual figure in the world. Who would’ve thought? I was just a regular guy my whole life, started making a bit of porn for fun, and now I’m having this impact on people. I still can’t wrap my mind around it.

PADGETT: I feel like Girthmasterr is for the girls. Do you agree?

GIRTHMASTERR: Girls love girth.

PADGETT: And when I say girls, I also mean the gays.

GIRTHMASTERR: Yep, the gays love me too. Some gay men will message me to say that I’m the only straight person they’ll watch, they’ll still watch my straight porn just for me, even though they have no interest in anybody else. 

PADGETT: There’s something happening here. It should not be underestimated how much you might have the power to change porn.

GIRTHMASTERR: Maybe. I hope to influence peopl. I treat it like a serious job, treat my colleagues like they’d be my colleagues in any other profession, and I hope that influences newer creators so they follow my example. A lot of people I’ve worked with, they’ve shared horror stories about other people they’ve shot with, other guys in the industry. So I don’t know, by setting a good example for other male creators to follow, that will hopefully make my female colleagues safer in the long run. There are plenty of good guys out there, don’t get me wrong. I’m not shitting on the whole industry, but—

PADGETT: I don’t think that most super successful male performers are bad. The majority are pretty good guys, but it’s also just the character that you’re painting to the world and it’s a vision of masculinity that’s different. 

GIRTHMASTERR: Thank. I like to think that part of my appeal is that I look attainable. If a girl saw me in a bar, she’d probably think to herself, “Yeah, I could probably go home with him.” It’s a good place to be. I don’t feel the need to be the most macho guy in the world.

PADGETT: I saw a quote from you somewhere that was like, “I’m here to be objectified,” or something like that, which again, I found really interesting because objectification is usually a dirty word that anti-porn, anti-sex people use to describe how women in porn are portrayed. And so you’re kind of flipping the script a little.

GIRTHMASTERR: Well, people ask me how I feel about people only wanting one thing out of me, and they talk about it like it’s a bad thing, and I don’t know, this is a character, it’s my online persona. I’m in complete control of the level of objectification that I’m exposed to. I’m literally creating content for you to objectify me and enjoy. 

PADGETT: I think you’re creating a space in the world, in the sexual world, where there’s this idea that it’s dominated by the male gaze, and I would argue that you’re helping a paradigm shift towards the female gaze.

GIRTHMASTERR: I love seeing the TikTok comments—and my TikTok audience is mostly women—and it is a safe space for them to just be as thirsty as they want. Every now and then, a guy will comment, “If this was commented on a female’s thing, he’d be getting hate.” But there’s nothing threatening about women making thirsty comments. But yeah, everything I do, especially when it’s to do with my work life, is centered around women. All my colleagues that I work with are women. I’ve got two older sisters and a mom that I grew up with, so I guess women are usually at the forefront of my mind when I’m making decisions. But I don’t really think about it too much.

PADGETT: I think it shows.

PADGETT:Do you have a dream fantasy porn scene that you want to make? 

GIRTHMASTERR: I’ve already achieved my fantasy shoot and then some. My goal from when I started was to shoot with Angela White. I shot with her, and then I shot with her two more times, and they were both threesomes. One was a pizza boy delivery scene, and I used to be a pizza boy for Domino’s in real life. So life came full circle. My friends from back home messaged me like, “You made it, man!”