Glenn O’Brien Asks Susanne Bartsch What She’s Doing About the Economy

In this installment of Question of the Week, Glenn O’Brien asks Susanne Barsch: What are you doing in response to the economic downturn?

SUSANNE BARTSCH: Helping people to de-stress, to feel better, and have more confidence to boost their morale. People’s morale is a big part of the problem. Getting them out to be a part of the economic food chain is one way I am trying to help.

I go out, have a twirl, and have my party on Sunday nights. It’s fun, it creates jobs, and gives people a platform to dress up (hopefully their looks involve some shopping!). Most of all, having fun, flirting and being in the moment while dancing and listening to great music is inspiring.  To make it easy on the pocket book we don’t charge at the door either!