Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson is getting back in her pant suit, speaking cynicism to truth, and rekindling the dynamic that launched a trillion ‘shippers. SCULLY IS BACK, NERDS! Meanwhile, the actress who was born in Chicago, raised in England, and then returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan just in time for high school, has been busy chasing villains, both as a steely detective inspector in pursuit of Jamie Dornan’s serial killer in The Fall, and as Dr. Lector’s psychiatrist in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, which returns to NBC tomorrow, June 4. A few days before her first table read with The X-Files creator Chris Carter and co-star David Duchovny, for what will be an at-least-six-episode reboot of the show that started it all, Anderson and I talked about sexism in Hollywood, Scully the feminist hero, and the men in her life—little green, and otherwise.