George Miscamble Moves into the Fast Lane


George Miscamble is a busy man. As co-founder of creative agency, Rep limited, Miscamble is used to working with some of the biggest names in American fashion—from Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein to Nike and Levi’s—but Miscamble is no laissez-faire agent. “I often collaborate with my artists on ideas, concepts, as well as the execution. It’s nice to be part of the full creative process,” the Australian-born Miscamble informed us. ” It’s about working with them throughout every facet of their own career and on a broader scale the industry. Not just negotiating money.” One project Miscamble is particularly proud of is fashion photographer Magnus Unnar‘s first book, a monograph titled In the Middle of Something. “I’m proud that we are all doing work that we care about in a world where it is increasingly difficult to do so.”

Next on Miscamble’s agenda is another photo book project focusing on urban environments around the world, inspired by Life magazine’s 1970s Great Cities of the World series and Jean-Claude Suares Manhattan (1981). The Life books provided “an aspirational look at a city, but also portrayed them in a very honest—at times blunt—intimate manner,” Miscamble explained and Suares’ “images are so beautiful and the editing and art direction really intelligent.” As for the cities on his subject list, Miscamble is currently considering Reykjavik, Los Angeles, Cairo, and Napoli; “I like the idea of choosing less expected places, getting to know the city first hand and in doing so finding the right photographic talent.”

Miscamble is also researching a retail venture with Fabiola Beracasa, which would pair western designers with local artisans such as “block printers in India, Nubian weavers in Egypt, textile producers in Laos, and silversmiths in Mexico.” A share of the proceeds will go to the local artisans, to help support their crafts. “I do have a lot going on. I obviously have to learn to say no,” joked Miscamble.