Ferrari Makes Classics to Order


In a world where personal expression suddenly means everything, Gianni Agnelli’s grandson, Lapo Elkann, is applying the concept of couture to cars. According to Elkann, “Luxury today is having the opportunity to make something that is yours, and yours alone.” Enter Elkann’s new “Tailor Made” service, which allows clients to leave their own unique stamp on Fiat’s most prized possession: Ferrari. Clients are assigned their very own personal designers to help them customize one of three Ferrari models—the Scuderia, Classica, or Inedita. Each model encapsulates a different facet of Ferrari’s rich history; the Scuderia is inspired by Ferrari’s grand prix success (Ferrari has won more grand prix than any other manufacturer in history), while the Classica is just that, classic. The final model, the Inedita, is the most playful of the three, with a selection of upholstery fabrics including denim (!) and suit fabrics.