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Elon Musk, Azealia Banks, and Billions of Cicadas—Who Said NY Is Dead?

Straight from the Interview offices—from Manhattan’s midtown to Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn, sometimes L.A., and beyond—this is the Word Wide Web Bulletin—a compilation of some of the stories the internet has been murmuring about. From politics to drag, and everything in between. This week, Elon Musk and Grimes get weird on SNL, Cicadas are invading us (and so is Nicki Minaj), plus Azealia Banks hosts a wild dinner party. Let’s talk about it.


In News That No One Asked For, Elon Musk Makes His SNL Hosting Debut

It is the episode everyone keeps talking about but no one wanted to watch. Yet, the entire world (including us) tuned in on Saturday night to see that weird little space guy do his thing on national, live television. When SNL chose to pair Musk with Miley Cyrus as the musical guest, it is safe to assume that they expected chaos, or at least some sort of commotion. The mega-rich are not of my interest unless they’re housewives and they throw wine glasses at each other, but you know what they say: curiosity killed the cat. The episode was filled with surprises, from the awkward appearance of Elon’s mother to his girlfriend Grimes making a cameo as Princess Peach in a wild Wario sketch. Not to mention the fact that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO caused the infamous meme-fueled cryptocurrency Dogecoin to plummet with a joke or two (or four). Of course, that was just the start of the simulation party. The episode overall was sort of mild, but it gave the internet enough to gossip about until the next crypto craze, or another out-of-control-missile falling back down to earth. Stay tuned.


… And So Will Billions of Cicadas

In yet another one of those WTF moments of our lifetime, billions of insects that have been underground for 17 years will emerge across Tennessee and New York this week. According to Science, this particular group of cicadas is known as Brood X and their grand appearance this spring is set to be the biggest emergence event since 2004. Okay, work, cicadas. Even cooler is the fact that as soon as these girls get above ground, they have one goal in mind: get laid. Did anyone say hot cicada spring? So get used to the annoying buzzing sounds these insects make, it’s just nature doing its thing. Live from New York, it’s Saturday night, baby.


Azealia Banks Hosted a Wild Dinner Party, Giving Us Major FOMO

Azealia Banks photographed Kacper Kasprzyk in 2012 for Interview.

After shocking the internet with her appearance at Leah McSweeney’s RHONY premiere party, where she partied with Lourdes Leon (and I stepped on her dress-train), Azealia Banks hosted a dinner party over the weekend that also served as a “waiting for Elon to make a joke” party. In attendance were friends of Banks, including McSweeney, Hari Nef, and other downtown celebrities and socialites. The internet was set ablaze when the videos and pictures from the night started to emerge. Not sure why, but it feels like a new dawn is upon us; one in which Azealia Banks keeps dropping big, big beats. NYC is back, bitches.


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R.I.P.: The Cock Destroyers

Photographed by Matt Lambert.

No, they didn’t die. But the world is suffering a gargantuan loss after the Cock Destroyers, Sophie Anderson and Rebecca More, split unexpectedly. Last week Anderson took to Twitter to announce the split of the iconic internet porn duo known for their lips, boobs, and advocacy for the alphabet mafia (that is, the LGBTQIA+ community). Rumors are swirling around the WWW regarding their split, but all we can do is wish the pair good luck on their individual journeys. Take a trip back to happier times and revisit their Interview feature here. Who are they? Well, they’re the fucking Cock Destroyers, and don’t you forget it luv.



Nicki Minaj Can’t Wait for Friday

Alert the Barbs, the queen of rap has emerged like a dungeon dragon via an Instagram post. Earlier today Nicki Minaj posted two very hot pictures of herself, simply covering her body with two heart-shaped fluffy pillows, accentuated by her pink sunglasses, and matching pink Crocs with icy accessories. The caption? “F R I D A Y 🤞🏽”—An ominous but clear message for her fans and the world. Let’s hope this means a new Minaj bop is coming our way. In the meantime, revisit the time the rapper gave us her thoughts on Lil’ Wayne, her mentor, back in 2011. Alexa, play “Starships.”


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