Discovery: Silja Magg

Photographer Silja Maag has a striking presence and an incredible eye for equally striking fashion and and landscapes. Her work can be found in Ponytail, Playing Fashion, and the Hermitage Museum in Russia.

27 years old. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Iceland. HOW DID YOU GET INTO PHOTOGRAPHY? My father is a photographer and that’s how I got into photography, but it was never my plan to become a photographer. I remember spending time with him in his darkroom at home when I was little, but before I knew it, all my time went into taking pictures, so there was no turning back. HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU STARTED? I would say I started doing it for real around 18. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Growing up in Iceland is probably my main inspiration–Icelandic rawness, wasteland, darkness, and the mystic scenery. I have tried to bring those elements into my work. WHAT’S THE ODDEST THING YOU’VE SHOT? An egg. WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? I go to the dog park with my pug Yoko, drink white wine with my friends, and watch documentaries. WHO’S YOUR FAVORITE DESIGNER? Balmain. ICE CREAM OR CUPCAKES? Ice cream. WHAT’S ON YOUR IPOD RIGHT NOW? I haven’t updated it in a while, but I have had the song “Imperials” by Ratatat on repeat last couple of days because its the song for the video I am working on. Also, the new Jonsi album, Go. SEEN ANY GOOD SHOWS YOUVE SEEN RECENTLY? I just saw Jonsi concert recently–amazing show. The last song…Oh, you have to see it! WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW? I am editing video that I did with stylist Masha Orlov and makeup artist Andrea Helgadóttir for TIWIMUTA. I’m also doing a collaboration with Borders and Frontiers. I am doing prints and photographs for their T-shirts and dresses.