Questionnaire: Astrologer Juliana Jones

Recently, the New York Times suggested that Americans might be flocking to psychics and astrologers for financial guidance. While normally I would assume that some poor NYT journo was looking for news to break, this time the Grey Lady struck a chord: I recently turned to a such a star-gazer for guidance. Nonetheless, I didn’t totally buy the proposition that a stock trader would “check in with his psychic” before playing the markets. I know one or two businessmen myself, and to be honest, they don’t exactly strike me as the types to call Miss Cleo when things go awry. (Arrest her? Maybe.) I decided to clarify the situation with my trusted astrologer Juliana Jones, prodding her just the tiniest bit about what to expect economically (and astrologically) for 2009. As usual, Juliana had plenty of wise things to say.



Lucy Madison: How’s business lately? Do you have a lot of new clients?

Juliana Jones:
I do. I’ve definitely had an increase in male clients. Which is fascinating to me because my clientele is probably 95-percent women.


Are they businessmen?

Many of them are businessmen. However, I feel like the men are coming in less to say, “Oh my god, what’s going to happen with the portfolio?” and more to say, “I’m stressed. What can I do?”

LM: Interesting. But they are not looking for stock advice, right?

JJ: No, no, no. And I don’t do that. I don’t believe that anything is truly predestined. I believe that we all have free will and energy follows intention—so we can shift our intentions and therefore shift our energy.

LM: Do you feel that trend pieces about the popularity of psychics stretch the connection to the economy?


JJ: I believe that when the bottom falls out in any situation, or when unexplainable things are happening, people will reach from the rational mind to the intuitive mind. But do I believe that people are calling astrologers and paying $1000 to find out where they should invest their portfolio? I don’t know: That sounded a little like a stretch. Mostly my thought was, “Shoot, man, I need to raise my prices.”

LM: Would you say there is a particular sign that is worst at money management?


JJ: Oh Lord! I mean, when I think about just the most general, overall way that signs work, I’m naturally drawn to say the Piscean, who is the dreamer, the visionary, the person who has a little bit of a harder time being in this reality. But I’m a Pisces! And I’m a fabulous money manager, because I have a ton of Sagittarius in my chart. So it’s hard to say.

LM: What about Leos? I am a horrible money manager, but is that just because I am generally irresponsible?

Well, Leos are spenders. Leo is a sign that desires money, for sure, and I think the Leo is most likely to spend money that she doesn’t have.

LM: On the other end of the spectrum, who is really good at saving money and being fiscally responsible?

JJ: Taurus. They are amazing money managers. And Scorpios are great at managing other people’s money. So if you’re going to hire an investment analyst or an investment manager, hire a Scorpio.

LM: For 2009, what should we be aware of?

JJ: Pluto is traveling through the constellation of Capricorn; it started in this month of December, and basically it’s going to be 16 years in that sign. So what that means for all of us, as a nation and a world, is that there’s going to be a transformation. A death and a rebirth. Pluto means complete transformation. It also rules money. And Capricorn signifies culture, government, civilization. So it’s all going to be about redefining our structures. We’re going to continue to accelerate on this path that we’re on right now until the old ways are broken down, so that the new ones can take over. We’re here for the next 16 years.

LM: I’m sure you knew that this 16 year period was coming up, right? Were astrologers everywhere being like, “Everybody should watch out!”

JJ: Oh, yes. I would guess that if you went on to any astrologer’s website they’d be like, “This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.” Because when a really slow-moving planet like Pluto -which takes 200+ years to circle the charts-changes sign there’s going to be an energetic shift. There’s just no way around it.

LM: So what happens after Pluto leaves Capricorn?

JJ: Well. That’s going to be determined how we as a people consciously deal with the shift. There’s no way to know. I would hope that where we move when Pluto goes into sign of Aquarius, in 2024, will be a new age, basically. More community-oriented. And Aquarius rules communities and people coming together for the greater good. But we’re entering into a transformative time, and everyone has a choice as to whether they’re in the glass half full or the glass half-empty camp. That’s going to make a huge difference about how we handle this. You know, with regard to energy following intention: If everybody is in crisis, it’s going to be a lot more painful. But if people are in more of a flow and acceptance and making offerings and helping if they can, we’re going to get through this a lot better.