Discovery: The Shining Twins


NAMES: Marisa Kreiss (left) and Alex Weiss (right) AGES: 21, 19 OCCUPATION: The Shining Twins HOMETOWN: San Diego WHAT ARE YOUR SONGS ABOUT? We’re not really sure. The lyrics are just condensed versions of conversations we have with each other and things we complain about. Like the people who have fucked us over, or boys who didn’t like us, or liked us too much. HOW DID YOU MEET? We actually went to the same high school in San Diego for a little while but never really knew each other because we were in different grades. Then we both happened to kind of date the same guy, who introduced us in New York about three years ago. And we obviously haven’t stopped hanging out since. WHAT WERE YOU LIKE IN HIGH SCHOOL? Marisa: Kinda chubby, kinda ugly, too loud, and really weird. Alex: Popular. All my friends tell me I peaked in high school.  LAST THING YOU BOUGHT THAT YOU LOVE: We bought this huge light-up cross from an old Masonic temple that we found at Junk in Brooklyn. We are trying to figure out how to hang it upside down in our apartment, but we’re too small and lazy, so right now it just lights up the whole living room. HOLIDAY SOUNDTRACK: T. Rex’s The Slider, we’re always listening to Pavement’s Crooked Rain, The Stooges’ No Fun (love those Christmas bells), The Ramones’ Road to Ruin, Wavves’ Wavvves, The Willowz new album Everyone and Dirty Fences. SOMETHING REALLY DUMB: Our matching tattoos that say “this is dumb.”