A Shirtless Tour of San Francisco With Nico Hiraga

All clothing and accessories (worn throughout) by Balmain, featuring Balmain Unicorn sneaker.

Live from the streets and shores of San Francisco, it’s skateboarder, actor, and hometown hero Nico Hiraga.



3010 Fulton St.

“Sixth and Fulton is where I grew up skating. I used to do homework there, or at least tried to. I’d go there every day after school and meet all my skater, juvenile delinquent buddies and we’d skate until the sun went down. I haven’t smoked weed in ten years, but the first time I smoked was here, in one of the little bushes.”


500 Divisadero St.

“A local bar in S.F. that me and my family are always at. I always bring the homies here. My uncle works the door, and whenever you walk in, they make you feel like the Hiraga family is royalty. They’ll have Michael Jackson versus Prince night, Motown Mondays, and karaoke. Place fucking goes stupid, bro. I get the Herbie Hancock. It’s guava juice, watermelon, lime, seltzer, and vodka, and it’s fucking fire.”


340 Sea Cliff Ave.

“I almost don’t want to blow this spot up, because locals come here all day, you see the same people, and it’s just full of that S.F. pride and love. I spent so much time here during COVID to see the locals and catch UV rays and shit. I always bring people that aren’t from this beach, and they all fall in love with it.”


1610 Geary Blvd.

“I used to go to high school like two blocks away, skip class, and go skate. The security guard didn’t like me. Whatever. I still got the sessions in. I always felt at home there because I’m half-Japanese. Chinatown is dope, too. But I’m over here trying to eat ramen, look at kimonos, and get green tea mochi.”


375 Valencia St.

“Valencia is a long street we’d skate down to get to SoMa [West skatepark]. It’s a long route, but we’d always sketch on cars, see heads that we knew along the way, and stop in the restaurants.”





Grooming: Elysa Quintella using Graftobian, Hourglass, NARS and Bumble & Bumble.

Production: Paige Viti.

Fashion Assistant: Lisa E. Williams.