A Night Out With Narcissister


The New York–based performance artist, and the subject of the new documentary Narcissister Organ Player, has explored all sides of female provocation with her trademark masks, wigs, and merkins. But what’s a normal day for the art-world enigma? We trailed her to find out.



It’s challenging to wait for my performance to start with various signifying objects held in my orifices.”


“Narcissister doesn’t exist unless someone animates her. I put her on for rehearsals a few times a week. And I embody her, of course, when I perform or when someone else performs her for my work. It satisfies me that there’s not much density to her beyond this.”


“The biggest misconception about Narcissister it that it is mere spectacle, devoid of deeper underpinnings. Also, that I am a man.”



Swimsuit, Pants, and Pumps by Gucci.
Gloves by Wing & Weft.