TV of the (Near) Future

2010 arrives in just three days and, while Mad Men and True Blood may be on Winter Break, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to see in the new year. Even if your resolutions involve logging fewer hours in front of the flatscreen (or Hulu), there are a few things you shouldn’t miss:

HBO’s latest offering, a comedy from the Mark Walhberg-led production company responsible for  Vincent Chase and Ari Gold, follows a group of twentysomething friends as they attempt to hustle their way through New York City. Starring Bryan Greenberg, Eddie Kay Thomas, Luis Guzman and, most notably, Kid Cudi (a.k.a. Scott Mescudi), it looks like Entourage for the East Coast set. Premiering February 14th.


LA LA LAND (Showtime)
For those who’d rather stick around the West Coast: Showtime has imported British comedian Marc Wootton for this six-episode series. Wootton, currently best known for his role as fake psychic Shirley Ghostman on the BBC’s High Spirits with Shirley Ghostman, will play three newly-created characters on the show, each of whom will be inflicted on unsuspecting Los Angelenos in their own unique–and hopefully hilarious–ways. Think Sacha Baron Cohen when he could walk around unrecognized. Premiering January 25th.


Originally set to premiere this fall, this sitcom, based on Ron Howard’s 1989 family comedy of the same name, was delayed because of concerns about actress Maura Tierney’s health. Tierney has since been replaced by Lauren Graham, who will star alongside Peter Krause, and Erika Christensen. Premiering March 1st.