2009 Promises Last Year of Kitsch Boom


Good times, where have you gone?


In the rush to save the financial future of domestic autmobile manufacturers, a key segment of the industrial workforce has been overlooked by policy makers and even union advocates. Since 2000, fun, flimsy eyewear has dominated New Years Eve celebrations, in New York and abroad. This quality, low-cost eyewear—often fitted with sequins—experienced a rather tactfully ignored boom in the last decade, as the double “0”s fit perfectly over the nose and across the eye region. Beginning in 2010, such eyewear will become far more difficult to pull off, as the “1” threatens to fall directly into the range of human vision.


Kitsch eyewear manufacturers and vendors must now problem-solve after decades of seeing only profits. The 1990s, were another successful decade, following the engineering and the miracles of plastic that allowed the loop of the “9” to double as a frame. The 1980s were an assymmetrical time. Manufacturers dare not recall the 1970s.