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Nelini Stamp of Real Housewives of Politics Has Thoughts on the RHONY Reboot

Nelini Stamp

Photo courtesy of Nelini Stamp.

Nelini Stamp, the woman behind the addictive and staunchly pro-union Instagram account @rhopol (Real Housewives of Politics), uses her extensive knowledge of all things Bravo for good. By day, Stamp is a member of the Working Families Party and a vocal political activist, having co-founded the Resistance Revival Chorus. But once the sun goes down, she’s glued to the screen like the rest of us, watching the women of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New Jersey and more lob insults and champagne at one another. On her popular meme account, whose bio reads “almost as political as we are petty,” the worlds of politics and Housewives come into perfect alignment, with observations about climate change delivered via Meredith Marks’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City tagline: “I may be known for my ice, but I always bring the heat.” For this week’s SEARCH HISTORY, we sat down with the Bravo baddie to find out her all-time favorite Housewives beefs, how she’d describe Andy Cohen, and which women of Bravo she’d appoint to the Supreme Court. 




RUSSELL: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

STAMP: I put on my Politics of Being a Hot Mess playlist, I doom scroll, then shower and skin routine.

STAMP: What were your last three Google searches?

RUSSELL: What is your all-time favorite Housewives feud?

STAMP: Oh shit. I mean, the iconic one is Nene vs Kim because it’s just hilarious. These were two peas in a pod that became, like, vicious to each other and I loved watching the journey. Phaedra vs Kandi is up there but it sucks because those allegations were serious. Carole vs Bethenny, I still don’t know why they fought but it was hilarious.

RUSSELL: Real Housewives of the Titanic or Real Housewives of the Milky Way?

STAMP: Milky Way. Aliens and space all day.

RUSSELL: Really? I feel like Titanic would be so shady.

STAMP: I have enough “white people on a boat” content for years. Aliens may be less shady but the fashion. I mean, I’m picturing Zenon style.

RUSSELL: What’s your stalking platform of choice?

STAMP: Insta. I work in politics so you can see people’s politics a lot through Insta more than you would think.

RUSSELL: Most iconic Housewives read?

STAMP: Candy gal, “Not today neck, not today ankles.” It’s horrible because it’s not body-positive but like, it’s just so good.

RUSSELL: Had me gagged.

STAMP: Not a read, but Nene’s face when Kim is singing. Iconic. Perfect everlasting meme.

RUSSELL: What was your Tumblr URL?

STAMP: Shocker, didn’t have one. I was late to every platform.

RUSSELL: Three words to describe Andy Cohen.

STAMP: Zaddy, Dead Head, Icon.

RUSSELL: Favorite Housewives meme?

STAMP: Ramona crying in bed in Morocco. It’s very fitting for the state of US politics and also you can make a bunch of Republican memes out of it because she’s a Trump lady.

RUSSELL: Choose three Housewives to put on the Supreme Court.

STAMP: Damn. Ok whew. Gizelle because she really tries to get to the bottom of things. I mean, she had a whole ass trial for her missing bottle of tequila on [The Real Housewives Ultimate] Girls Trip. Also her dad, an icon–may he rest in power– was a civil rights legend. And Heather Dubrow mainly because I think her opinions would be pretty hilarious but especially now, when we have attacks on the LGBTQ community, she’s a huge ally. And last but not least: Dr. Nicole Martin. The shade she would bring.

RUSSELL: Fuck, Marry, Kill with Real Housewives failed business ventures? She by Sheree, Sonja Morgan’s Toaster Oven, Vicki’s Vodka.

STAMP: Fuck Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven because it’s Sonja. Marry She by Sheree because it’s so overpriced and unrealistic. I’ve been married before, won’t do it again. Kill Vicki’s Vodka. It may have some wild anti-vax thing in it.

RUSSELL: What’s a website everyone should know about?

STAMP: This is basic but I’ve put so many people onto Reddit this year, especially since Elon killed the bird app. Reddit has everything. It’s truly for everyone and, like, you don’t have to see the f-up shit if you don’t want to.

RUSSELL: Best housewife on the RHONY reboot? Worst housewife on the RHONY reboot?

STAMP: OoOooooooo. Ok, so best-tied Jenna Lyons is an icon and she makes me feel seen. Brynn is icon behavior, she rolled up in a sweat suit with fur. Whattt. Worst… ugh, so I liked Erin and then it said she gave the GOP money when they were claiming the election was stolen. But Jessel is the one that gives me the weirdest vibes. But I’m glad RHONY is back! 

RUSSELL: It needed a revamp.

STAMP: ATL next!

RUSSELL: An account everyone should follow?

STAMP: Besides ours, Real Housewives of Politics @rhopol, the What Else is Going On @weigonpodcast.

RUSSELL: What city should get a Real Housewives franchise?

STAMP: I dream about this all the time. Ok, you gotta hear me out.

RUSSELL: I’m listening.

STAMP: Las Vegas. I want filthy rich casino owners, I want trips to Lake Tahoe, I want extravagant parties, I want gambling, I want, like, mob ties. Also, bring back Mob Wives. 

RUSSELL: Mob Wives was true trash television that I was obsessed with. RIP Big Ang.

STAMP: Big Ang was a legend.

RUSSELL: Fit Check?

RUSSELL: Shirt goes crazy! Love. Housewife most likely to rig a national election?

STAMP: OMG I just LOLed so loud. Teresa or Alexia. They just twist things so much. 

RUSSELL: Teresa would totally do it! And then deny it profusely at the reunion.

STAMP: She’s stuffing ballots herself.

RUSSELL: Final question: What’s your password?

STAMP: LOL can’t give that out or some right winger will steal all of our info but will give you my childhood password or maybe it was an AIM account but it was tweetyspanky15. For Tweety Bird and Spanky from [The] Little Rascals.