Christina Cambria

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Mornings,’ Lowly

February 7, 2017

Lowly’s debut album Heba (Bella Union), out this Friday, sees the young Danish band establish its own sonic footprint.

Palmas’ Nostalgic Turn

November 17, 2016

Guitarists Matthew Young and Adam Cantiello—living at the time in Los Angeles and Philadelphia respectively—were engaged in a bicoastal exchange of ‘60s surf rock records when PALMAS was born.

Mark Stoermer’s Spell

September 12, 2016

Mark Stoermer is more than just the bass line in “Mr. Brightside.” While his musical career began over a decade ago with the Killers’ debut Hot Fuss, he has since released two solo records through his own label, St. August Records.

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Didn’t I Fade,’ Handsome Ghost

September 8, 2016

As a high school English teacher turned full-time musician, Tim Noyes knows a thing or two about bold risks.

Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘I Wear This Because Life is War!,’ L.A. Salami

September 1, 2016

There’s no doubt that digital developments have opened doors to artistic delights. And yet, despite the wonders of such advances, we often find ourselves craving the grit and glow of less pristine, dated filmic forms. London-based musician L.A. Salami shares in our nostalgia.

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Blind,’ SLO

August 25, 2016

London-based electro-pop musician Jess Mills takes pride in her identity as a songwriter. As a seasoned storyteller, it comes as no surprise that she is able to poignantly express pain in the lyrics of her new single “Blind,” which we are pleased to premiere below.

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Closer,’ Elderbrook

August 8, 2016

As a producer, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Elderbrook (born Alexander Kotz) wears every hat when it comes to his music. His beats have a subtle yet elastic energy that sets him apart from the crowd and allows listeners to enter a comfortable trance. His new track “Closer,” premiering exclusively below, is a characteristic example.

Exclusive Video Premiere: ‘Mondo and His Makeup,’ Hanni El Khatib

August 3, 2016

If you’ve ever had a dream that felt too real to have merely been a dream, but too surreal to be real, Hanni El Khatib’s new video for his single “Mondo and His Makeup” will likely fuel flashbacks. The video, which we are pleased to premiere here, is outlandish.

Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘I Love My Lawyer,’ Ofelia K.

June 22, 2016

Even if you’ve never fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t, Ofelia K.’s new track “I Love My Lawyer” will still resonate all the same.