Alex Gartenfeld

Ed Atkins

November 27, 2012

Ed Atkins puts the horror in horror vacui. Working primarily in video and text although his installations can include works on paper that function as treatments or prologues-the 30-year-old Oxford-born artist makes compositions saturated with sensual information that paradoxically expresses the impossibility of representing the complexity of flesh.

James Richards

November 27, 2012

At one point in James Richards’s video collage series The Misty Suite (2009), the footage cuts back and forth between a scene of a young, bored Heather Langenkamp in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) sketching and nodding off, an instructional film about drawing, and a sci-fi outer-space scene. Many of the 29-year-old Welsh-born artist’s videos have a theme of school or instruction as if Richards is playing with the notion of appropriation as always pedantic or abstract.

Gillian Wearing

November 27, 2012

Much has been made of the way in which Gillian Wearing’s work anticipated social media. A renowned artist who was aligned with the YBAs in the ’90s, but whose work was more socially directed, the 48-year-old Wearing makes portraits through fragmentary imagery and texts that test the emancipatory potential of public address.

Daniel Turner

July 21, 2012

With his first big solo show at London’s White Cube Gallery this month, the New York–based artist Daniel Turner explores the value of hard work.

Physical Therapy

May 31, 2012

DJ Daniel Fisher rocks your body in new and interesting ways.

Wu Tsang

February 27, 2012

Hosting is an essential ingredient in the work of Los Angeles-based Wu Tsang, whose films, videos, and performances are informed by the two years he spent running a weekly party called Wildness at a Westlake bar.

K8 Hardy

February 27, 2012

“This is the last time fashion content enters my work,” says K8 Hardy, who is, to date, best known for her zine, FashionFashion, as well as for related photographs in which the New York-based artist dresses up in humorous, mostly store-bought (“they aren’t made”), and then reassembled, outfits.

Danh Vo

November 29, 2011

Each time the artist Danh Vo sells a work through his gallery, the collector or institution is billed up to 100 euros, whereby they acquire a special handwritten letter. The project, 02.02.1861, [last letter of Saint Théophane Vénard to his father before he was decapitated] (2009– ), is a text in English translated to the French and copied out by Vo’s father, who speaks neither language.


November 29, 2011

While their name ruffles feathers, the two Americans who go by AIDS-3D—Daniel Keller, 25, and Nik Kosmas, 26—chalk up the moniker to an interest in looking at international catastrophes from a fresh, albeit twisted, perspective.

Oliver Laric

November 29, 2011

Thirty-year-old Oliver Laric calls himself a “facilitator.” That’s a rather selfless designation to describe the poetry of someone who allows interactions with art to happen by surprise.

Simon Denny

November 29, 2011

An anonymous man—or group—managed to hijack the airwaves of two different Chicago television stations and broadcast a makeshift version of the pre-CGITV personality and New Coke spokesperson Max Headroom (himself an image of a dystopian media-infiltrated future).

Adrian Ghenie

November 29, 2011

With figures gnawed and slashed, blurred and speckled, Adrian Ghenie’s paintings involve the big ideas that transform men into larger-than-life emblems. Ghenie’s recent exhibition at Haunch of Venison in London featured humans wildly distorted and many with monkey features.

Marc Newson Futurism

August 20, 2010

Newson’s limited-edition update of the Riva-Aquariva by Marc Newson, which goes for $1.5 million-is the centerpiece of Transport, his new show of designed planes, suborbital aircraft, and automobiles opening this September at Gagosian Gallery in New York.

Nils Bech and Ida Ekblad

December 2, 2009

Nils Bech and Ida Ekblad on how their friendship has turned into an interactive art experience.

The New New York Art Scene

May 21, 2009

Remember when New York City was a place where the hopeful, the talented, and the lost came to get found, live cheaply, and become great (not just rich) artists? Well, it hasn’t seemed like that kind of place for a while, but a new young art scene is emerging in all the boroughs that is more excited about the city streets than the white walls of Chelsea.

Cyprien Gaillard

April 24, 2009

Cyprien Gaillard loves it when things fall apart. The young French artist sees beauty in destruction, and that is why much of his incendiary work goes up in smoke.

Marni Does Miami

December 2, 2008

Nowhere do pastel prints seem so senssible as Miami—particularly during the week of Art Basel Miami Beach, when blurred vision is the

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