While You Were Sleeping … Art in America Re-Launch



While you were sleeping (or, perhaps, attending the openings for Matt Keegan, Valentin Carron, and Nate Lowman this weekend) Art in America was busy re-launching its web site. Check out “The Scene,” AIA’s first-hand account of art events New York and beyond, and original reviews and blog content. Pictures above from Saturday night: Matt Keegan’s “New Windows” in the front show of D’Amelio Terrace, which featured delicate collages of plumber’s crack in various positions, and a painting by Richard Aldrich. Next up: Nate Lowman’s “A Dog From Every County,” at Maccarone, featuring new paintings, collages, and crucifixes. Lowman left early for bed (or was that Beatrice?), but Adam McEwen, White Columns’ Matthew Higgs, and Shoplifter piled into McEwen’s noisy Camino and sped off; next stop: “Bond Street!” Last stop: Matt Keegan’s after-party at the West Side Tavern, where artist Ann Craven made her own pizza party. Try to keep up with it!