The Next Generation at the New Museum


As its name would imply, the New Museum convenes artists on the precipice of fame. Of course, by dubbing them the “next big things,” the institution assures their ascent is all the more rapid. The museum’s curators Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin made sure all levels and facets of the art scene were represented at the second annual 2015 Generational Triennial Next Generation Party on Friday from international gallerists, to collectors, and established creatives.

Patrick McMullan lingered in the lobby, introducing strangers to one another, and himself to strangers, snapping photos before kindling conversations. Nearby, models in head-to-toe white bodysuits posed with guests against a blank backdrop. “I hope they aren’t too hot. Perhaps they’d want a drink?” Residency Unlimited’s cofounder Nathalie Anglès remarked, gazing at the models with a concerned expression.

Terry Richardson arrived with girlfriend Audrey Gelman, who wore a billowing black skirt under a Penn State sweatshirt, despite having attended Oberlin with friend and Interview cover girl Lena Dunham. Whether irony was intended or not, she looked incredibly comfortable. L’Officiel editor-at-large Ivan Olita was unmissable striding through the crowd, adding inches to his already foreboding height with a fur cap channeling Daniel Boone, if Daniel Boone were a jet-setting fashion editor.  Other attendees included Mykki Blanco, Dan Colen, Rachelle Hruska, Sean MacPherson, Chloe Malle, Jena Malone, Mirabelle Marden, Thakoon Panichgul and Charlotte Ronson.

British art collector Shane Akeroyd carried over rounds of free drinks to his friends Lucy Chadwick, director at Gavin Brown’s enterprise, and gallerist Nicky Verber. All were looking forward to Nick Relph’s show at Gavin Brown, opening Saturday evening. Describing his personal rise, Verber mentioned he started off representing unknown artists, fresh out of school. When it comes to taking on new artists, “You have to trust your instincts,” he said.