Sasha Frolova’s Secret Life of Bees

Sasha Frovlova . Dress and Hat by Kenzo.

“When I was younger, I used to go beekeeping on the roof of an architecture firm in downtown Brooklyn,” says the 25-year-old actor Sasha Frolova, who can currently be seen playing opposite Kate Winslet on the HBO series Mare of Easttown. “I’ve always had a particular empathy for bees. People are so afraid of them. But, really, it’s the poor bee whose life flashes before their eyes as they die a cruel, panicked, painful death. I guess I’m not sure how that relates to me. Maybe I’ve felt as misunderstood as a bumblebee. Anyway, beekeeping on the roof was a delight. When you have the suit on, you feel invincible. The bees land all over you, making the fabric vibrate. And no matter how much you care for the bees, your body thinks you’re going to get stung and your heart races a little. But you can just brush them right off and they fly away. Then you collect the trays from the hive, bring them inside and cut the top layer of wax off with a hot knife. Stick it in a cranking bucket and spin it around. The honey gets everywhere. You can literally wipe a cracker on your arm and have a snack.”

*Another thing I love about bees is that they wipe their feet before they enter the hive. Very classy.”


Hair: Blake Erik