Sam Marie-Saint’s Sodapop is a Love Letter to the French New Wave

The New York-based photographer Sam Marie-Saint wants to usher you into the world of French New Wave cinema with his new photography monograph Sodapop, published by Damiani and distributed worldwide by ARTBOOK D.A.P. and Thames & Hudson. Inspired by the name of a character in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (played by Rob Lowe in the film adaptation), the book is perfect for movie lovers. Marie-Saint takes cues from classic French and Italian cinema, ’50s Americana, and punk rock with portraits of the iconoclasts, rebels, and romantics that make up the social fabric of New York City. With fishnets and lip-stained cigarettes abound, Sodapop is a tribute to the outcasts and dreamers that linger the city streets and make it feel alive.