Portrait of the Tearful Artist

Published December 12, 2012

Francesco Vezzoli is an artist who lives for the limited edition. Last January during Paris Fashion Week, Vezzoli collaborated with Prada to create a “24 Hour Museum“—an exhibit of the artist’s work that opened and closed over the course of a day. Now, Vezzoli is teaming up with the online art and fashion retailer yoox.com on a special series of embroidered self-portrait postcards. Surrounded by a gilded, gunmetal frame, the portrait looks like a silent film headshot from an ’80s teen movie—a somber, but dapper black-and-white Vezzoli wearing a tux with exaggerated ink tears dripping from the middle of each eye and “con amore” scrawled above his signature in lurid pink. Priced at $399 and available exclusively from yoox.com.