Miami Kiss and Tell

At an art fair, love flows. We greet each other like long-lost relatives each time we come together. Curious about how many kisses a regular partygoer gets in one night of parties, I did the reconnaissance—armed only with a flirty demeanor, a pair of willing lips, and a counter. The abundance of European visitors doing the double (and copycat Americans) easily upped the ante; the Belgians would have helped even more with the triple-cheek thing, but I deducted for air kisses.  The counting started at Marilyn Manson’s exhibition and continued at Interview‘s party at The Miami Art Museum, on to Visionaire‘s poolside party at The Raleigh, then Manson’s after-party at the Louis Lounge, concluding (as most nights did) with dancing and kissing at Le Baron at the Delano.

Kissing Count: 122.