What a Wanderful World


This past weekend, The Philadelphia Museum of Art opened an exhibition of the designer Marcel Wanders, entitled “Daydreams.” He’s picked his favorite objects from the past 20 years, including chandeliers, chairs, little figurines that look like gilded works by Janine Antoni. Wanders also gave us a tour of the museum, the source material for this photo diary. For some it might be difficult to swallow a design exhibition in a place so auspicious as an art museum, but Wanders is less interested in the boundaries of the art world than the natural one. That’s why he wears peaals every day, and puts the in his work: “A pearl is as beautiful as it is tragic, it’s made from a situation of complete suffering and agitation. Pearls exist in both worlds, the artificial and the natural world, but I find it hard to differientiate those two worlds; I see them as one. For this reason pearls take on a role in my work.”

Marcel Wanders: Daydreams is on view through June 13, 2010. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located at Fairmount and Pennsylvania Avenues, Philadelphia, PA.