Leaving Tomorrow on a Flatbed Truck: UNE

Photo by Tim Willis

CORDAY, the enigmatic and promising sculptress, had a New York debut exhibition that’s anything but modest. Curated by Beverly Allan, CORDAY installed a three-ton steel sculpture in the heart of Chelsea, right below the High Line. The U-shaped sculpture, titled “UNE,” is an impressive sight. Fabricated at a foundry in New Paltz, New York, the piece was transported into town on a flatbed truck, passing right over the Third Avenue Bridge. It’s been sitting in its new home since November—photographed, sat upon, and, inevitably, skateboarded on. It’s about to travel around the world to other outdoor spaces. Friday night is the closing party, before its next stop, Madrid. Here “UNE” inspired local construction workers to make a three-inch steel effigy, which they gave to the artist as a present; what it will evoke elsewhere is anyone’s guess.


The last night of CORDAY’s “UNE” is Friday, December 12, 4–9 PM. Under the High Line at 508 West 25th Street. For more information see CORDAY-UNE.com.