Georgia Sagri Makes Her Own Stage

“The Invisible Ones,” performed February 28 at Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London. Image courtesy the artist.


Earlier this summer at Lower East Side gallery On Stellar Rays, artist Georgia Sagri (born Athens, 1979) spent nearly a month executing her imagination of the banal rituals of an immigrant car sales person. For Sagri’s show “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,” the artist outlined a circle on the gallery’s floor, and during hours of operation she did laps around the demarcated space, acting according to prepared instructions, projected on the wall via a PowerPoint presentation. Sagri’s sales pitch was aggressive at times; sometimes it involved crawling into the fetal position, or growling for minutes like an aroused feline. As the performance advanced, Sagri hit her stride with certain parts and experimented with others. The script itself was absurd, filled with childlike calls and response; even so, the performance was unpredictable. Tonight she performs a fight scene inspired by Bruce Lee and colorful iPod advertisements. Click here for the full article, on Art in America.

Georgia Sagri performs “The Invisible Ones” tonight. RSVP is required. The Kitchen is located at 512 West 19 St, New York,