Cheryl Dunn’s Private Spaces

Cheryl Dunn is a familiar face in downtown New York, and can be often seen hurtling by on her bicycle; she is also, relatedly, an inveterate street photographer and film maker. Last night she hosted a pre-show exhibition in her office loft space on Maiden Lane, where she has lived since before September 11. Before the works move to Cincinatti for a proper gallery show, the artist used the domestic site as a chance to show the work to friends, many of whom are artists in their own right. (Photo by Jose Parla aka EASE).

Dunn taped the photographic works to the walls to represent the patchwork layering of documentation of the American story. Meanwhile, a projected film captured ticker tape falling slowly onto the road in celebration of some unknown sporting victory, heavy with allusion. The effect of the images’ slowly pieced together form is slightly surreal, but captured an energetic sense of urban experience.

Dunn’s Spit & Peanut Shells—American Pictures is on view at Country Club beginning February 28. For more information, see: