Armory 2009: Foreign Selects


Published March 3, 2009

With shipping and construction costs adding up more than they used to, for the first time in years, Armory, New York’s foremost but sometimes underwhelming art fair, makes a lot sense. This year fair co-founder Matthew Marks, but smaller galleries like Milliken from Stockholm are introducing innovative programming by having artists co-curate their booth.

And even in a digital age, there are artists who just don’t cross over to a New York audience—lookking back, this is why the expensive rigmarole of biennials and fairs started. We’ve selected five galleries bringing un-American art to our shores.

Left: Cary Kwok, Hollywood – Miss Piggy (1970s), 2008

2 Herald Street, London
Gallerists: Nicky Verber & Ash L’ange
Opened: 2005

Artists they’re bringing: Josh Brand, Pablo Bronstein, Matthew Darbyshire, Thomas Houseago, Cary Kwok, Djordje Ozbolt, Donald Urquhart

Theme for the booth: Keeping it very simple this year: A Matthew Darybshire carpet based on the logo for real estate agency Barnard Marcus logo adds humor to the booth.

Left: Olav Westphalen, Peace, 2009.

Luntmakargatan 78, Stockholm
Gallerist: Aldy Milliken
Opened: 2003

Artists they’re bringing: Fia Backström, Monica Bonvicini, KP Bremer, Felix Gmelin, Marc Handelman, Lisi Raskin, Peter Rostovsky, Tris Vonna-Michell, Olav Westphalen

Theme: Do they love their children too?
 a thematic group show jointly curated by the participating artists.

The wrap: a hip Scandinavian gallery (look out also for Standard from Oslo) that’s bringing two big young European artists without New York representation—Tris Vonna-Mitchell and Fia Backström.

Left: John M Armleder, Pantelleria, 2008

Invalidenstraße 117, Berlin
Gallerist: Medhi Chouakri
Opened: 1996

Artists they’re bringing: John Armleder, Mathieu Mercier, Charlotte Posnenske, Andrea Bowers, Saadane Afif, Sylvie Fleury, Gerold Miller, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Gitte Schäfer, Vincent Szarek

Theme: John Armleder shows his abstract Pour Paintings, Martheiu Mercier shows window sculptures made of perspex; Andrea Bowers appropriates press photos in an action responding to the current economic crisis. So maybe no theme.

Seher Shah, Geometric Landscapes and the Spectacle of Force, 2009

A-1 Neeti Bagh, New Delhi / 508 W 26th St , 11C, New York
Bose Pacia Gallery Directors: Megha Ralapati & Rebecca Davis
Nature Morte: Peter Nagy
Opened: Nature Morte founded in 1982 in New York’s East Village; it closed, and was revived in 1997.

Artists They’re Bringing: Michael Buhler Rose, Sheba Chhachhi, Anita Dube, Raqs Media Collective, Seher Shah & Bharat Sikka.

The Wrap: A big fish in a small (but growing, and growing) Indian pond, Nature Morte is the partner with Bose Pacia and focuses the New York gallery’s stable for a sub-continental audience.

Left:Douglas Kolk, im cute, 2008/2009.

Zimmerstrasse 90-91, Berlin/ Lessingstrasse 5, Zurich
Gallerist: Matthias Arndt
Founded: 1994

Artists they’re bringing: Douglas Kolk, Jon Kessler

The Wrap: One of the biggest successes of the Berlin art boom, with locations in Checkpoint Charlie and Hamburger Banhof. A stepping stone to museum exhibition.