Andy Kachel

Age: 22. Hometown: Birmingham, Michigan. Currently lives in: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Day job: Art assistant to Yoko Ono. Reason for moving to New York: Getting away from the place where you’ve lived your whole life is sort of important, and so is the type of people you meet. There’s just more possibility here. First NYC apartment: I lived in the 92nd Street Y for about seven months. It’s so surreal; it’s got a beautiful lobby and doormen, and then you go up and it’s these tiny little cubicle dorm rooms. It’s like a hostel in certain respects, but then you can go downstairs and see a Joan Didion reading. Worst nightmare: Being physically helpless, like in those dreams where your muscles freeze up. Ideal dinner guest: Gertrude Stein. She was so incredible and so different and weird. Most nostalgic for: The attitude of pop culture and alternative music in the ’90s. I’m not a big dance person, but sometimes the music is just so right. Theme song: “Our Secret” by Beat Happening. It’s such a simple, sweet, passion­ate but not overly gooey song. And it’s just so good to listen to on repeat. -Lucy Madison