Andy in Outline

Published December 14, 2011


Amid the glitz and Studio 54 mystique, it’s easy to forget that in the 1950s, well before the Factory—and certainly before Interview—Andy Warhol was a commercial illustrator and draftsman for the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and McCall’s. In December, at Art Basel Miami Beach, the Upper East Side gallery L&M Arts will present more than 100 of these early Warhol drawings, alongside works he continued to ink over the next four decades. The pieces on view range from a playful watercolor cat created circa 1950 to 1955’s À la recherché du shoe perdu, the artist’s now famously whimsical “evening shoe” print. Thin-lined ballpoint-pen drawings of nude, lounging boys reveal a more vulnerable, and perhaps more carnal sides, while Welch’s Grape Juice (1985–1986) and a neon-hued Electric Chair (1978) bring not-so-subtle social criticism found in his screen prints. A catalogue with essays by Vincent Fremont, Eric Shiner, and Interview‘s chairman, Peter Brant, accompanies the exhibition.