The Most Exclusive Flea Market in Town

The old guard (and even a few young’uns) turned up for the gala opening of the 2010 ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America) Art Show at the Park Avenue armory, the most exclusive flea market in town. Among the bowties were nine newcomer galleries, all of whom had made it past the rigorous (albeit mysterious) application to be included in the jewel showcase of New York’s art week (Cartier, anyone?). Among those anointed with new membership was Blum & Poe, the Los Angeles-based gallery that brought a solo show of fresh-faced Matt Johnson’s sculptures. As Jeff Poe bravely noted, “It’s interesting to take a young artist and put him in the context of this fair. It just mixes it up and fucks up expectations of what you’re supposed to do.” For his part, but Johnson was far from intimidating to the crowd. “You look just like Duchamp!” a collector crowed as the artist greeted her, placid in his corduroy suit jacket. Not bad for a hometown boy trying to make it in the silk-clad shark tank (it should be noted that Johnson is a New York native). READ THE FULL STORY ON ART IN AMERICA.