February 11, 2013

The Cinema Society & Dior Beauty Host a Screening of 'Beautiful Creatures'

On a night off from New York Fashion Week, we joined Dior Beauty and actors Emmy Rossum and Viola Davis for the New York premiere of Beautiful Creatures.

Based on the first novel in the supernatural, young-adult "Caster" series, the film follows 15-year-old Lena (played by Jane Campion's daughter, Alice Englert). Her parents deceased, Lena has just moved to a tiny, South Carolina town to live with her mysterious uncle, Jeremy Irons. She has the regular teenage troubles—bullying, boys, strict parental figures—and then some not-so-regular teenage troubles, like accidentally shattering all of the windows in her classroom in a moment of anger. On Lena's looming 16th birthday, she will be "claimed" as either good or evil, depending on her true nature. If she turns evil, she'll be expelled from her family and unable to love... anyone.

With this in mind, we asked Rossum and Davis about their biggest concerns as 16-year-olds. Davis' answer was pretty standard: "That I would never have a boyfriend."

Rossum, on the other hand, might as well have said "turning evil." "I was filming The Day After Tomorrow, it was my first big film, and I had to kiss Jake Gyllenhaal, so I was really nervous. The night before, I got a big zit and, stupidly, I picked at it, so then it was bigger and infected and had a scab over it. Jake called it my ‘third eye,'" Rossum recalled. Her 16-year-old self was crushed —"He's never going to want to kiss me now!"

After the film, guests headed to Cole's in the West Village, for Vikingfjord cocktails inspired by the film (we particularly enjoyed the "Ravenwood") and hobnobbing with friends. Guests in attendance included Rossum's friend Ivanka Trump, Paul Haggis, Kelly Rutherford, Russell Simmons, Victoria Justice, Zoe Lister-Jones, Alex Karpovsky, Billy Magnussen, Jess Weixler, Isiah Whitlock, Harley Viera Newton, and Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir.

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