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Exclusive Track Premiere: 'Little Queenie,' SadGirl

Los Angeles-based, alt-rock band SadGirl is known to draw from a variety of old school influences in crafting their signature, surf-punk sound. 

Exclusive Track Premiere: 'Better For It,' Foreign Air

Since the release of their infectious debut single "Free Animal," Foreign Air has found itself sitting pretty as one of the most exciting emerging acts on the interweb. 

Exclusive Track Premiere: 'You Were Never Too Much,' MIYNT

Stockholm-based artist MIYNT writes pop music for listeners of a diverse musical palette. As she nears the September 16 release of her debut EP, Ep no. 1 (B3SCI Records), she finds herself somewhere in-between stripped-down singer-songwriter and disco siren. 

Mark Stoermer's Spell

Corlene Machine

Mark Stoermer is more than just the bass line in "Mr. Brightside." While his musical career began over a decade ago with the Killers' debut Hot Fuss, he has since released two solo records through his own label, St. August Records. 

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