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Exclusive Track Premiere: 'We Don't Wanna Dance,' JANE

Born and bred Los Angeleno JANE has never released a song. Today, that changes; with our premiere of his debut track "We Don't Wanna Dance," the artist (who has yet to reveal his full name) introduces himself—and he isn't shy.


Marcus Cooper

The indie-pop wunderkind and newly christened fashion muse is on his way to becoming a style icon. 



Exclusive Track Premiere: 'Satellite,' STRFKR

STRFKR's aim has never been traditional success or celebrity within the music industry. "Satellite," the newest single off of their forthcoming LP Being No One, Going Nowhere (out November 4 via Polyvinyl Records) is the band's latest effort to marry thought-provoking content with a groovy dance tune.

New Again: Diana Ross

Peter Strongwater

In keeping with her 1980 single, Diana Ross is coming (back) out and wants the world to know. 

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