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New Again: Natalie Portman

Bruce Weber

Actor Natalie Portman first graced the pages of Interview at a mere 13 years of age. While we await the stateside arrival of Jackie, her latest film, at Toronto International Film Festival in September, we've reprinted her feature from Interview's February 1995 issue. 


Julia Stiles

Justin Hollar

When Julia Stiles first signed on to play CIA employee Nicky Parsons in The Bourne Identity, she was a college student at Columbia University.

Casting Call: Great Detective Pikachu

If you haven't heard (and we're genuinely impressed if you haven't), everyone and their mother are playing Pokémon Go.

Anna Baryshnikov

Being the daughter of a living legend might weigh heavily on some. Not on Anna Baryshnikov, the 24-year-old actress who refuses to let the legacy of her father, Mikhail, whom she jokingly refers to as "that dude," overshadow her. 

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