Thomas Giddings

Max Hooper Schneider’s Sculptures May or May Not Include a Dead Mouse

September 9, 2019

In the past, he has exhibited vitrines filled with algae-like lingerie and starfish submerged in murky water.

Listen to the raucous tunes of England’s pop rebel Yungblud

March 12, 2018

By skewering the status quo, the British newcomer is making pop music that forces us to think.

Seating Assignment

March 31, 2016

Graphic cuts and bold patterns were a standout theme in some of our favorite collections this season, all with a modern zest.

Discovery: Kaya Scodelario

December 14, 2011

Recently, Kaya Scodelario has taken on the role of Cathy Earnshaw in indie director Andrea Arnold’s much-lauded adaptation of Wuthering Heights and filmed Now is Good opposite Marc Jacobs’ darling, Dakota Fanning.