Max Farago


“You Be in Movie”: Danny Trejo Tells Rob Zombie His Wildest Stories

April 3, 2024

Hollywood’s baddest bad guy gets on the line with his old friend to discuss his Hollywood beginnings, entering his mogul era, and that time Charles Manson hypnotized him in prison.

Laila Gohar Shows Us How to Build a Shrimp and Langoustine Tower

April 29, 2019

The art student-turned-chef shows us how to build a tower made from crustaceans while trying on some fancy clothes.

Appaloosa and Cat Power

November 29, 2008

When Anne-Laure Keib and Chan Marshall first met each other in the wee hours of the early ’90s, the two women were living out their own respective versions of the classic New York story-struggling young artists trying to make it in the big city.