Masha Mel

Una Burke Is No Girly Girl

March 19, 2012

Burke creates handcrafted grommeted leather body armor and accessories out of her London studio. She’s positively pint-sized, cute as a button and has the sunniest disposition imaginable. So the subject of her work—trauma, deformity, death rituals, you get the idea—coupled with her creations, like a flesh-toned body cast crafted from leather strips, or a hunchback jacket, may seem surprising. However, her wearable sculptures feature impeccable structure and soft, feminine lines, are delicately elegant, rather than startling.

Craig Lawrence Makes Dad Proud

January 30, 2012

When London-based designer Craig Lawrence launched his line of eccentric knitwear in 2009, his father begged him to get a “proper job.” “He wanted me to work at British Telecom. He was just like ‘quit this fashion shit,'” jokes the 27-year-old. But after his pops saw Lady Gaga wearing his fall 2010 shredded metallic column gown on the cover of Grazia, he had second thoughts.