Jack Waterlot

Uncovering Young Magic’s Mystery

May 4, 2016

For the first time in the duo Young Magic’s six-year history, Melati Malay wrote the beginnings of an album entirely on her own.

Hailee Steinfeld

March 28, 2016

Following an Academy Award-nominated performance in True Grit and merging singing with acting in Pitch Perfect 2, Hailee Steinfeld is now focusing on creating music of her own.

Birdy Takes Flight

March 22, 2016

British singer/songwriter Birdy returns this Friday with her third LP, Beautiful Lies.

Lord Raja’s Artistc Isolation

January 14, 2016

Lord RAJA’s debut A Constant Moth explored an impressive, yet impulsive, combination of synths and hard-hitting beats. While his sophomore release PARA continues this effort, it also feels easier to digest and exudes a more cohesive sound.