Hilary Walsh

Rooney Mara

April 24, 2009

Rooney Mara wants to save orphaned kids in Kenya, but in the meantime, she’s okay with building a brilliant acting career.

Erin Wasson

March 7, 2009

Erin Wasson made her modeling money zipping around the world, but it’s her little Venice Beach skater hideaway that keeps her young and sane.

Francesca Gabbiani

March 7, 2009

Ed Ruscha on the kaleidoscopic collages of Francesca Gabbiani


March 4, 2009

Girls are two Bay Area boys making mellow rock bent on uniting the whole world. Did you think lo-fi love jams were only for biological girls?

Taz Arnold

March 4, 2009

Taz Arnold risks a reputation as a hoarder to show off a lifelong collection of accessories that fills every inch of his home.

Alexander Ludwig

March 4, 2009

Actor Alexander Ludwig wishes the world could be a little more like Disneyland.

The Muslims

November 24, 2008

If most of this decade has seen indie rock captured by the Brits, then 2008 is the year that American bands have seized it back. From Black Kids and Boy Crisis all the way to MGMT, the United States -finally boasts many of the world’s best new groups. The latest addition is the provocatively named San Diego four-piece the Muslims, whose members clearly don’t practice Islam and aren’t-they swear-out to make a sociopolitical point (“It’s just a catchy name,” says singer Matt Lamkin).


November 21, 2008

When serious Fleetwood Mac-style romantic shenanigans caused the 2004 split of her indie-rock band the Anniversary, singer Adrianne Verhoeven was prepared to say goodbye to music for good.