Catherine Opie

on second thought

Jodie Foster Remembers That Weekend She Hosted SNL and Met Andy Warhol

December 19, 2023

With a whopping six appearances on our cover, the screen icon takes us back to her very first one, when she and her mom joined our founder for a kiki at Café Pierre.


The Jodie Foster Guide to Aging in Hollywood

November 29, 2023

With six decades in the show business trenches, the actor and director has accumulated a lifetime of wisdom that has her feeling more settled than ever. Here, she shares it with “Past Lives” star Greta Lee.

show and tell

“I’ll Make You Bigger Than Life”: A Few of Catherine Opie’s Favorite Portraits

June 25, 2021

The eponymous new monograph serves as a reminder of all the reasons the Los Angeles–based artist is one of the most radical and sharp-eyed artists of this century.