Antwan Duncan

Too, too Bijoux

November 21, 2008

Fall was about big brassy Here-I-Am Accessories, But the message for the cruise-collections crowd was: Turn that amp to 11. These matched jewelry sets Are so flagrant, they’ll be noticed back on shore.

Enoc Pérez

November 20, 2008

In Enoc Pérez’s paintings of modernist buildings, rum bottles, and provocative nudes, the intensity of his attraction to his subject is so evident that one becomes complicit in his nostalgia trip almost immediately. Last year, in an inspired convergence of art and geography, the 42-year-old’s series of paintings of the Lever House in New York […]

Kehinde Wiley

November 19, 2008

He’s a brilliant renaissance technician with hip-hop subject matter. His latest work focuses on young black men in a sadly familiar posture: Down. But in a world where bad is good, being down is not always such a bad thing.

Christopher Wool & Richard Hell

November 18, 2008

Christopher Wool is widely recognized as one of the world’s most important painters. His first one-man show was at the legendary Cable Gallery in 1984, and since then, he has showed his bold word paintings; Richard Hell was one of the originators of punk music. He played in the first wave of bands that brought attention to CBGB and became famous in 1977 as the auteur of the album Blank Generation.

Yasmine Chatila

November 17, 2008

Yasmine Chatila: One weekend there was a massive snowstorm, and I was pretty much snowed in. My neighbor, a filmmaker, had an amazing movie library and we decided to have our own film festival. I noticed some binoculars on his windowsill.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

November 17, 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal is a broad-in-waiting, the kinda-wanna-sorta brunette who cracked wise through Hollywood’s Golden Age. You could see as much four years ago when she made Vanity Fair’s Hollywood cover, slumped in a chair on the far right of the gatefold, separated from the gilded company she was keeping, wearier, worldlier.