Yungblud’s Ten-Step Guide to Ruining a Party

Yungblud has always had a rebellious streak, but how do you wreak havoc when you’re stuck at home? The British pop-punk musician was planning to bring his brand of mischief to summer festivals across the globe, but instead he’s stuck inside a Los Angeles apartment with his manager, two bandmates, and, as luck would have it, a videographer. The result is the new YouTube Originals show Stay Home With: Yungblud, which follows the singer as he makes music and generally tries to keep his wits about him while quarantining with his makeshift family. As for his real family, well, he’ll torment them again one day soon.


Step 1

“Turn up with a load of friends even though you’ve been asked not to.”

Step 2 

“Ensure all friends have started drinking prior to their arrival.”

Step 3 

“As you enter, address the room aggressively. Why is your auntie who really isn’t your auntie here? And also, why she is asking you to get out of your ‘sad all the time’ phase?”

Step 4

“Realize that you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer, having been reminded seven times by your mum before you went to the pub with your mates.”

Step 5

“Proceed to argue with your mum about how it was not your fault that the chicken is still in the freezer.

Step 6

“Encourage your mate to start unsuccessfully flirting with one of your mum’s recently divorced friends.”

Step 7 

“Apologize brazenly to your family, then order takeout for everyone to make up for the mistake of leaving the chicken in the freezer. However, unbeknownst to you, the curry you order gives your uncle Simon food poisoning for the next three days.”

Step 8

“Forget to apologize to you uncle Simon.”

Step 9

“Try to remove a drunk friend who is sleeping on the floor in the middle of the party and accidentally knock over grandma’s ashes. (This actually happened.)

Step 10

As you (in your mind’s eye) gracefully accept your parents’ invitation to leave the party, the continuous drinking takes its toll and your best friend starts to throw up on your mother’s vegetable patch that she has spent every Sunday since the beginning of the year creating.”


Stream Yungblud’s new single “Weird!” here.